Nylon, the 12-pound fuzzy philosopher

Nylon Marie Price is the founding member of the School of Nylon, a philosophical group focused on studying the principle developed by its founder, The Eatsleepplaylove Theory.  The Eatsleepplaylove Theory contains four basic tenets, which are evident in the philosophy’s naming.  Nylon’s theory is such that to truly exist, one must equally distribute one’s time among the four fundamental feline acts: eating, sleeping, playing, and loving.  The four tenets are referred to as the Paws of Existence. The Paws are the only acts which are necessary to maintain life, and as such, are the only acts which exist. By distributing an equal, yet abundant, amount of one’s time to each of the four Paws, one is living a balanced Nylonist existence.

While often there is a temptation to add extra weight to one of the four paws of life, for instance, to spend a bit more time during the day sleeping - a temptation to which even Our Founder, Nylon (the 12-pound fuzzy philosopher) is prone to succomb – do not be concerned.  The Eatsleepplaylove Theory conveniently rules out guilt as an aspect of life altogether, so giving in to temptation has no consequences.  To exist, an act must be one of the four Paws.*  Guilt is not eating, it is not sleeping, it is not playing, it is not loving…therefore, guilt does not exist.  It is this very aspect of The Eatsleepplaylove Theory which has gained Nylonism such an avid following.

About our Founder:
Nylon is a 3-year old domestic shorthair with grey tiger and white fuzz.  In addition to being a theorist, philosopher and all-around terror, she is a devout Baptist, having spent the first weeks of her life behind the First Baptist Church of Harlem.  Nylon’s moniker is an homage to the birthplaces of her adoptive parents – New York, and London.  She currently resides in New York City’s West Village.

*Under The Eatsleepplaylove Theory, scratching the furniture beyond recognition is classified as “play”, a Paw of Existence, and as such, exists…in abundance.

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